Empower Women, Improve Communities

Who we are

We empower women and improve their communities.


These activities aimed at preventing Gender Based Violence and helping the victims recover from its effects through community sensitizations, focal group discussions and dialogue.

Humanitarian Services

These are materials and pro bono services offered to needy and vulnerable people and communities to relieve suffering and foster self-reliance for families. Offered seasonally or on demand.


These activities geared towards empowering women and girls with vocational skills and training in the areas of Agribusiness, Tailoring, Shoes and Bags-making to reduce unemployment and poverty.

Our story

Uganda Muslim Women Civilization Initiative (UMWCI) was formed and registered in 2015 with the main aim of empowering women economically to improve their livelihood & communities through entrepreneurship training, capacity building, skills development and income generating activities. Through Gender Equality, Agribusiness, Interfaith & peaceful co-existence and prevention of violent extremism among others. UMWCI operates in a number of districts working within communities and schools where most women can be accessed.



An empowered woman promoting sisterhood improving the lives of women and the community 


To empower women spiritually and economically by providing them with skills and resources for self-sustenance in order to achieve community development & peaceful co-existence.