Who We Are

Uganda Muslim Women Civilization Initiative (UMWCI) is a nonprofit community organization which focuses on empowering women to become self-sustaining and improves communities through entrepreneurship training, capacity building, skills development and income generating activities, dialogue, menstrual Hygiene Management, Gender Based Violence, Agribusiness, counseling and guidance among others.

Organisational Objectives

  • To support and empower women economically and promote community development by creating self-sustaining projects in production, trade and commerce through training programs, publications & governance.
  • To address issues of Gender Based Violence and violence against women
  • To network with other faith based organizations to promote interfaith dialogue & peaceful co-existence
  • To empower women in fundraising for developmental projects .i.e. poultry, vocational skills, Agribusiness etc
  • To create a social environment that empowers young girls & women
  • To promote reproductive health & fitness among the women

Our Vision

An empowered woman, promoting sisterhood, improving the lives of women and the community.


Our Mission

To empower women spiritually and economically by providing them with skills and resources for self-sustenance in order to achieve community development & peaceful co-existence


Our Values

  • Faith: Believing and working righteously while seeking Allah’s pleasure.
  • Team work: Achieving success through collective efforts. Utilizing each person’s competences to achieve our overall organizational goals and objectives
  • Open mindedness and Transparency: Willing to listen & share new ideas and respecting other people’s opinions.
  • Exemplary: Being inspirational to society
  • Excellence: Striving for the best in everything