Empower Women, Improve Communities

Enhancing Social Inclusion and Economic Empowerment of CoR in Kampala district.

Problem statement

The high levels of unemployment, segregation and marginalization among children of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) returnees which increases the children’s vulnerability to recruitment into violent extremist acts.

Objective I: To strengthen the capacities of children of returnees to cope with trauma and to resist Violent Extremism recruitment.

Objective II: To increase access to employment opportunities among marginalized children of ADF returnees in Kampala District.

The expected project out puts

Output I: 6 Trauma Counselling sessions conducted.

Output II: 5 children of returnees equipped with tailoring,business management, financial management skills and Peace & Conflict resolution skills.

Activities carried out by the students.

The project fully catered for 5 girls in Tailoring skills, Trauma healing, Peace & conflict resolution and financial literacy from Monday – Friday for 6 Weeks.

Tailoring was taught from Monday – Thursday between 09:00am to 04:00pm while Peace & conflict resolution, Financial literacy and Trauma healing were conducted on Fridays.

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