[ Our Purpose ]
Why we do what we do
Uganda is one of the youthful nations in the world with about 75% below 30years, majority of whom unemployed
Agriculture as a business
UMWCI aims at empowering students, youth & the women to also consider agriculture as means of earning a living and survival
Women In Agriculture
The agriculture sector employs 73% of the work force in Uganda with women constituting about 77% of the agricultural labour force.,
Cost of Sanitary towels
11% of girls miss school every year due to menses. Urban Women use UGX 72,000 or more every year to buy Sanitary towels for Menstrual Hygiene in Uganda.
Menstrual Hygiene
52% is female population in Uganda and 26% of them face Menstrual Hygiene every month.
Sanitary towel substitutes
Many Girl’s especially in rural areas use pieces of old cloth, pieces of mattresses, paper, banana fibers etc using their menstruation which exposes them to infections & ineffectiveness.
Gender bassed violence
56% of women aged between 15 and 49 years in Uganda have experienced physical violence at some point in life.
Sexual Violence
8% of women in the same age group have experienced sexual violence, compared to 9% of men.
Women suffer more than men
Women have the highest percentage in Gender Based violence than men. It’s proven that women suffer more than men in emotional violence.
[ What we do ]
Projects and programs