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We started up a program were we teach women how to make reusable sanitary pads to help them avoid necessary expenses and above all help a girl child in rural areas never to miss school because of their menses.

In our Tree planting project, we have helped women especially in Lwengo district through giving them vacant land to grow different crops for both domestic and economic use. Women have attained some money from this to send their children to school, manage household needs and much more.

After our 1st Agribusiness forum in 2016, we were invited by a group of women in Kalungu district to help them start up a farm in their district so as to help them in both domestic and economic consumption. We signed a Memorandum of Association with them and with a group of experts who can teach them better farming methods.

Still on the Agribusiness, we managed to help students of Lowel girl’s school-Nakilebe start up an Agribusiness club in which they grow crops at school for exhibitions and consumption.

Pro Bono
We do pro bono work for victims of Gender Based Violence with Baraka Legal Associated Advocates. In this, we try to help the community especially women since they are the most affected by GBV.
Monthly dialogues
We help the community through our monthly dialogues discussing different issues with in the community
Computer Studies
We have helped different women and girls study computer and learned how to use them. They attain certificates after the program which certificates and knowledge can make them have jobs
[ What we do ]
Projects and programs
The programme improves and strengthens local markets and makes them more inclusive and accessible for agribusinesses
Interfaith Dialogues
We discuss the thorny and sometimes divisive issues of religion, law and society, human rights etc
Menstrual Hygiene
Its a human rights issue, which has a direct and indirect influence upon individual's mental health and economic well-being
Sister’s One on One
Carry out one on one meatings with young women over issues that can not be addressed publically
Muslimah Day Out
We tackle barriers that have kept some Muslim women from participating in community organized events
Gender Based Violence
Domestic violence includes physical or sexual abuse; economic abuse; emotional, verbal or psychological abuse.
Health and Rights
The right to health is a fundamental human right. highest attainable standard health
Charity work
Participating in charity work enables women to make a difference